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Buffalo Wild Wings Brooklyn OH Opening!!!

Buffalo Wild Wings Brooklyn OH Opening soon!!!

BWW’s Franchisees Mike/Mark Jones Group and Bob Senkar Group come together yet again to Complete Brooklyn, OH Buffalo Wild Wings location.

-47 Bright and Brilliant Full HD LED TV’s ranging from 50’s all the way up to the Sharp Aquios 90″ TV… WOW that 90 looks good too.

-Over 25 Commercial Speakers producing an electrifying sound and atmosphere for their customers… It can get loud up in there.

-Full Control and Automation brought to them by AVDI’s Buffalo Control System with a Beautiful 7″ Touch panel and amazing graphics.

-12 Satellites, 2 Cable Boxes, 1 Shure Microphone, DBX Sound Processor and a Knox Video 16×64 Matrix switcher to make up all the system components.


Thanks for the Business Guys and Good Luck on your with your opening!!!


The AVDI Team


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Capture Live HD Meeting & Lecture Capture System

CaptureLiveHD Meeting & Lecture Capture System

CaptureLiveHD records and distributes lecture content from the classroom, training lab, or boardroom so your audience can access it 24×7. CaptureLiveHD™ is easy for the entire staff to use and offers the lowest overall cost of ownership for deployment across any size environment. Best of all, people can view lectures in high-definition wherever and whenever they choose.

Easy to useDesigned with the presenter in mind, CaptureLiveHD lets you focus on your lecture and not on technology. Simply push “record” on the touch screen or front panel and your presentation starts recording. In case of interruption, press the pause button then resume when ready. Capturing lectures with CaptureLiveHD is so easy anyone can use it with no special training required.

Recorded lectures are easily transferred to your choice of popular open source media sites or straight to your inbox.

Low cost of ownership, best valueCaptureLiveHD requires no recurring licensing and maintenance charges. Buy it once and you’re done. And as with all Crestron products,  our award-winning 24×7 True Blue technical support is included on every system at no cost to you.

Add in easy installation and no programming needed, CaptureLiveHD offers the lowest overall cost of ownership of any lecture capture system in its class.

Live streaming videoCaptureLiveHD broadcasts your speeches, lectures, and training sessions for live viewership. Stream your appearances to popular open source media sites for anywhere viewing from an Internet connected desktop, laptop or mobile device. Beam your content from the presenter’s location to anywhere in the world. With CaptureLiveHD there are no concerns about distributing video over long distances.

Presenter and presentation content on one feedKeep your audience fully engaged by capturing both presenter and presentation content on a single video feed. Recordings include full-motion video from the instructor camera, content and mic audio, and presentation content from other AV sources such as a computer or Blu-ray player. Change views on the fly for emphasis and dramatic presentation by toggling between full screen, picture-in-picture, picture-by-picture and side-by-side screen layouts.


CONTACT JASON FOR MORE INFORMATION AT  888-990-2834 OR sales@avdiusa.com

Time Warner : DIRECTV has Left the Negotiating Table

Time Warner : DIRECTV has Left the Negotiating Table

Time Warner Cable has announced that DIRECTV has left the negotiations table concerning the SAT provider carying the Los Angles Dodgers Channel , SportsNet LA, for the 2014 baseball season.

“We can confirm that DIRECTV has left the negotiating table. We were advised by their negotiating team that they would not counter our last proposal and that conversations were at an end,” Time Warner Cable, which is managing the channel, told Variety magazine.
DIRECTV though claims these statements are false, claiming “nothing could be further from the truth.”DIRECTV went on to state that “We just didn’t agree to accept their latest outrageous proposal,” adding that Time Warner Cable was in the process of trying to “manipulate all TV customers throughout the region.” What exactly DIRECTV means by this last statement is somewhat unclear, but it is only the newest volley in a very nasty, very public PR war these two have been waging with each other. Both sides are arguing over what is fair compensation to carry the Dodger’s network, SportNet LA.

Time Warner Cable is aggressively pushing to get DIRECTV to carry the SportNet LA channel, in part to increase availability to customers since TWC currently is the only provider currently carrying it on their menu. TWC’s tactics include a manufactured grass roots effort to apply consumer pressure on DIRECTV to begin providing the channel to their customers.

Time Warner hopes if they can force DIRECTV to carry the channel, other providers might be forced to fall into line as well. Dish, Verizon, AT&T, Charter and Cox have all declined to currently carry the Dodgers channel in the LA marketplace, claiming that Time Warner Cable is asking for too much money to do so.

One reason for the higher than fair price could have to do with the fact that TWC agreed to pay for LA Dodgers 8.35 billion dollars over a 25 year time period for the rights to air the teams games. This agreement states that Time Warner Cable has to make these payments to the Dodgers whether TV providers pays it carriage fees or not. This leave TWC in a bad spot financially for this deal, and means they have to attempt to charge fees that are considered too steep to be worth it.

Time Warner Cable claims the issue with DIRECTV is that they want to sign a carriage deal that would allow them to drop the channel and therefore stop paying carriage fees during the term of the contract if the LA Dodgers perform poorly. Less viewers tune in to watch a team that is not having a winning season, and DIRECTV is attempting to capitalize on this possibility to allow them to cut their losses if need be. Should this part of the agreement be accepted it would be a first in the history of TV programming contracts, and could therefore set a very nasty and frightening future precendent.

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