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Manufacturers Manuals and Service sheets on the website

Abbott’s AVDI knows that if We Don’t Support Our Customers, Someone Else Will… So here we like to be redundant about service and our systems. Not only can you call and get FREE over the phone service but we give you the resources to possibly track down your issue and fix it yourself. On our we site under service is Manufacturers Manuals which is basically our resource vault of  trouble shooting manuals and cut sheets for our customer as well as our techs. When ever you have an issue and its 1 o’clock in the morning and you’re the one who has to figure out what’s wrong, check out this page and see if the manual and trouble shooting documents are on it. If not request it of us and we’ll put it up there for future use.

If all else fails don’t forget our virtual service request form is a very powerful tool. You can contact all AVDI techs with one press of a submit button.

The hyper link for both pages on the website:





SI Black Diamond Tiled Screens



Shipping Soon!  A complete game-changer in large scale projection display, Black Diamond Tiles™ incorporates the most advanced ambient light rejection screen technology available. Benefiting from years of development and refinement, Black Diamond Tiles™ delivers a bright, brilliant image in nearly any environment eliminating the need for darkened viewing areas.  Black Diamond Tiles™ are well suited for a wide range of commercial venues and are designed for utmost versatility.

Black Diamond Tiles™ Screen Materials

Front-Pro – Black Diamond G3 2.7 Silver | Black Diamond G3 1.4 Black | Black Diamond G3 .8 Black

BD Difference circle2Black Diamond Difference

Unlike all other screen materials, Black Diamond absorbs ambient light from all directions and only selectively reflects back the projectors light.  The result is 900% more contrast in most conditions giving you the ability to utilize projection in any room environment.  Black Diamond also has huge benefits in a dark room, read more



Black Diamond Tiles ScalableScalable & Custom

Scalable & Custom

Black Diamond Tiles™ are completely customizable as well as scalable.  Neodymium magnets affix Black Diamond Tiles™ to our custom rigid frame creating a display of any size or aspect ratio, limited only by your imagination.  Each panel can be arranged in either landscape or portrait orientation for a unique, one-of-a-kind display with custom sizes available.





Black Diamond Tiles™ feature a modular design for easy specification, compact shipping, and fast service.  Difficult logistics, elevator shafts, and tight spaces are welcome.


Pure LED Back Lighting

New LED Back Lighting

Like Black Diamond Zero Edge™, Black Diamond Tiles™ supports LED backlighting, a simple yet underutilized technology that makes it easier for the human eye to watch bright content in a darkened room.  Backlighting reduces eyestrain and improves the cinematic experience while also complementing existing design and décor by adding warmth and ambiance. Zero Edge™ screens and Black Diamond Tiles™ by SI are the only ones on the market that can effectively support LED backlighting. This is because our frame designs were created to allow LED lighting to be embedded into the aluminum extrusion, thereby delivering perfectly angled light onto the surrounding walls.

New LED Lighting features include:

New LED Lighting features include:

  • Full perimeter LED lighting
  • Controllable via IR remote
  • 256,000 Colors including 6,500 Kelvin white
  • 20 Preset color selections for décor matching
  • 6 Custom color settings
  • 6 Light show patterns: Color scan, Fade and Step
  • 1,000 Incremental dimming levels

Pure Brackets

Mounting Options

Black Diamond Tiles™ can be as easily suspended from the ceiling by aircraft cables as it can be mounted to the wall.

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Abbott’s AVDI Inc. Introduces Partner Company AV4BWW.COM!!!

Abbott’s, AVDI has strived to provide Buffalo Wild Wings top notch service for over 13 years. We understand when it comes to your AV system needs you want simplicity and ease in replacing or upgrading items in your stores as time goes on. No one wants to spend hours trying to figure out what it is that needs to be upgraded.


To help simplify things for our customers, we are proud to introduce you to AVDI’s partner in meeting Buffalo Wild Wings needs:  www.av4bww.com. This website caters to Buffalo Wild Wings owners and their specific AV needs: Projectors, Lamps, Cables and BWW System parts they have it all. AV4BWW will provide you with fast courteous service, and BWW pricing on the items you need to keep your store looking and sounding amazing.

Each week AV4BWW will offer a rotating selection of  items at deep discounts for limited time periods, so make sure that you check back often for these hard to pass up deals.

LG Unveil’s 105-inch, Cinema-Wide 4K TV at CES


LG Unveil’s 105-inch, Cinema-Wide 4K TV at CES

Washington, D.C. (January 5, 2014) – 
LG has announced that it will showcase several new 4K TVs at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show, including a curved-screen 105-inch set with a 21:9 cinema aspect ratio.

The company said in a press release that the 105-inch, curved-screen 4K TV, model 105UC9, will feature 5120 x 2160 resolution, which is more than previous 4K sets, which are 3820×2160.

However, some display experts have questioned whether the average person can see much difference in the resolution of the average 4K TV, which purports to be four times greater than 1080p HDTVs.  So it remains to be seen if this LG set actually offers a better picture than other 4K TVs, also known as Ultra HD TVs.

LG says the extra wide-screen will enable viewers to access information on the side of the screen without missing any of the action. The company’s press release does not offer a launch date or pricing information.





DIRECTV Loses Fee Fight, Weather Channel Now Missing


DIRECTV Loses Fee Fight, Weather Channel Now Missing


DIRECTV has lost the Weather Channel of all things because of a heated fee fight with popular channel. These two companies have spent the previous 48 hours hunkered down in a nasty war of words and PR releases. That ended this morning without a new agreement being reached between the two negotiators. The previous agreement ended in 2013, but both parties involved agreed to allow the deadline to be pushed back to this morning at 12:00 am.

At the stroke of midnight, channel 362 went dark, with the Weather Channel no longer being broadcast to DIRECTV’s customers.

DIRECTV countered this problem by replacing the Weather Channel with Weather Nation TV, something that it would seem went unnoticed by most of its’ customers. Currently channels 361 and 362 have this content being broadcast on it, with no notice or explanation being given to its’ customers. DIRECTV had the foresight to plan for this possibility by adding this channel to their line up in mid December of 2013.

The Weather Channel released a statement claiming that DIRECTV wants to reduce its’ rates to carry their content, something they feel is completely unjustified and unfair. DIRECTV denied these allegations in their own PR release, claiming that may of their customers have complained that the channel recently shifted their focus to weather related reality TV offerings instead of just the weather itself.

The Weather Channel, in their latest barrage in this war of words, has begun a campaign urging viewers to contact their members of congress to add pressure to DIRECTV to keep their channel on the air, citing that it is a public safety issue for the general population at large.

Only time will tell if The Weather Channel will be returning to DIRECTV’s lineup.




Top 10 High End TVs as of right Now!!!


Panasonic TX-P55VT65B

Panasonic TX-P55VT65B

5 stars
Fully loaded and capable of staggering picture quality, the Panasonic TX-P55VT65B is pretty big and totally beautiful
Samsung PS51F5500

Samsung PS51F5500

5 stars
£700 for a 51in flatscreen with awesome picture quality and great smarts seems too good to be true. It’s not.
Panasonic TX-P42GT60B

Panasonic TX-P42GT60B

5 stars
Plasma’s days are numbered, but it’s going down swinging: the Panasonic TX-P42GT60B is a glorious TV
Philips 55PFL8008

Philips 55PFL8008

5 stars
The Philips 55PFL8008 combines style, screen quality and sexy lighting to stunning effect
Panasonic TX-L32E6B

Panasonic TX-L32E6B

5 stars
32in is the perfect size for a bedroom or spare room, and this Panasonic is the perfect 32in TV
Sony KD-55X9005A 4K TV

Sony KD-55X9005A 4K TV

4 stars
Sony’s 4K TV is a thing of beauty and brilliance – it’s just a shame there’s nothing to watch on it
Samsung KE55S9C OLED TV

Samsung KE55S9C OLED TV

4 stars
It’s curved, it’s got an OLED panel and it costs a cool £7000. It sure looks like the future, but can Samsung’s new flagship justify its sky-high price?

Crestron Flip Tops for presentation and Board rooms



Connect It


With FlipTops installed in your conference table or lectern you’re ready to connect and power any device that might enter the room. HDMI®, RJ45, DisplayPort, USB, RCA, and AC power connector plates ensure you’ll have everything you need to present.

CAT5E wire


Choose either pass-thru plates with grommeted holes to accommodate today’s popular cables, or with Crestron cable retractors access any cable and extend it up to 3′. Cables automatically lock in place at the desired length. Adjustable retraction speeds and easy-release levers allow cables to smoothly return into the compartment. FlipTops are available with HDMI, VGA, audio, USB and CAT5e cables.

Collaboration made easy


Control AV, lights, shades, and climate with an optional integrated TSW-class 5-inch touch screen with capacitive display. Place a touch screen model FlipTop at the head of the table to give the meeting leader complete room and AV control. To provide convenience to all meeting attendees, install a basic FlipTop at every seat.

Connect It side view


A tapered, notched lid allows cables to remain connected and free of crimping when the top is closed. Available in beautiful black anodized or brushed aluminum finishes, FlipTops complement the décor of the finest conference tables and lecterns.

You’re going to need a very big living room!

Samsung unveils world’s biggest home TV with massive 110 inch screen

  • Samsung’s UHDTV110 has been described as like looking out of a window
  • The ultra high-definition has also been called ‘mind blowing’
  • This behemoth will go on sale in the Spring




This is the biggest home TV ever made to watch at home – with a huge 110in screen. The vast panel has been likened to looking through a window and will be on sale from next spring.

It is one of the new generation of supersize ultra high-definition TVs which promise astonishing picture clarity.

However, there are smaller models with screens of 50-60ins with more modest price tags

Next year’s football World Cup in Brazil will be the first major event to be broadcast in full Ultra HD to viewers in Japan, while the Rugby World Cup in England in 2015 will be the first in the UK.

The screen is so big that players in sports matches will appear almost life-size to viewers


Consumer electronics guru, Barry Fox, said the images on the new sets are extremely impressive, offering a far better experience than 3D.

‘The pictures are mind-blowing, it is like looking through a window,’ he said.

The set was unveiled by Samsung’s Michael Zoeller, senior director of European sales and marketing, among a number of new innovations at an industry tech show in Berlin.

He said the screen is so big that players would appear almost life-size to viewers during a football match.

‘This looks stunning. The screen in nearly 2.5 metres across,’ he said.

Samsung’s S9C features a giant 55-inch curved screen to give viewers a cinema experience in their living room. It also offers a MultiView feature that allows two people to watch different shows at the same time

Viewers wear glasses that pick up one piece of content at a time, with audio delivered through an earpiece.

The South Korean electronics giant also unveiled a television that allows two people to watch different shows at the same time.

The S9C features a giant 55-inch curved screen to give viewers a cinema experience in their living room.

The television boasts a cutting-edge OLED screen – offering the ‘amazing’ MultiView feature.

The Mutli-view feature is hoped to put an end to arguments over the remote control

Viewers wear special glasses that pick up one piece of content at a time, with audio delivered through a built-in earpiece.

‘Two people can watch two different programmes at the same time in full screen in full HD and even in 3D with Samsung MultiView glasses,’ said Zoeller.

‘It is like having two televisions in one.’

A spokesperson for the company was unable to confirm when it will be on sale in the UK.


Another TV in the range, the S9 OLED television, features a curved screen, which Samsung claims makes the viewer feel like they are ‘standing in an arena’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2412193/Samsung-unveils-worlds-biggest-home-TV-massive-110-inch-screen.html#ixzz2pm0YXsGb

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