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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Buffalo Wild Wings in Shelbyville, IN Completed!!!

Buffalo Wild Wings-Jones Group & AVDI 
set the standard in Shelbyville, IN with Black Diamond Projection Screens.
What’s the Big Deal? Well check out the picture and look at the differences between the 92″ Projection Screen and the 47″ LED’s next to it. All Lights on or all lights off the Black Diamond Screen does not care. Black Diamond provides the best picture gain and depth while rejecting all ambient light, providing the best contrast ratio for Projectors.  As you can see the picture quality and brightness difference between the Projector and the 47″ LED is very minimal. 
AVDI keeps BWW on the cutting edge again and locks down an exclusive price discount for their customers. By the way… Just to add-on to the amazement I took this picture with my cameras flash on and the screen rejected the light from the flash and didn’t wash it out one bit. 


Todays new install!!!

Steve's Mancave!!!

Steve’s Mancave!!!

Who’s the Mancave Specialist’s??? AVDI of course, we build the biggest Mancaves in the world at BWW stores nationwide.

A Residential Customer let us put a small version of a BWW in his Basement today; 1 70′ Sharp LED smart TV and 2 47″ LG LED smart TV’s in the sports viewing area, 1 32″ LG LED in the bar area, 1 50 ” Samsung LED in the Family room, 1 Onkyo AV Receiver to for all the audio and airplay capabilities and finished off with DirecTV’s Genie DVR system to run all the TV’s. This was a total retro-fit meaning that this home had to be totally rewired to complete this project. Enjoy your new Mancave Steve!!!!!

We’ve upgraded/updated!

Hello everyone, Cam here. I’m AVDI’s web guy! These guys needed a new look and feel to their website and that’s exactly what I gave them! As you can see, everything has been simplified! No longer are we using the 1990’s based design that we once were. No longer will you feel lost! Navigating this site should be as easy as pushing the VOLUME UP button on your television remote!


If you notice any thing that looks out of place, let me know! If something is not working the way it was probably intended, give us a shout! I’m sure someone will hunt me down in the middle of the night just to get me to fix it. I’m just that kind of devoted guy.


Comments are disabled here. Feedback is always appreciated. Please tell the AVDI guys how your experience was here!


Thanks and have a great day!

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